Feeling A Little Casual

These are some more pictures from the Military Base that I finally got around to posting. I don’t have WiFi at my new apartment yet so it’s a little tough, but I’m going to try posting more consistently.

Here you can see I dressed down a bit from the usual. When it gets really hot in the summer I don’t always feel like dressing up, but I still want to look good. In these pictures I’m wearing a simple pair of khaki shorts, and a graphic tee. A lot of #menswear people seem to be against wearing tees, but I say go for it as long as it fits well, and isn’t overly obnoxious. (Just a tip: Working out will help tees look even better, and when you put one on, people will be pleasantly surprised that you have muscles under all those button ups you’ve been told to wear.)












Here’s a detailed breakdown of what I’m wearing:

Shirt: Hume Apparel

Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes: GH Bass & Co.

Watch: Timex

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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