Old Town Summers

Old Town Sacramento is a popular place to go during the summer, from music to festivals to fireworks, there is no shortage of excitement. When the streets fill with people, I love to go down and enjoy the crowd. This time I was drawn to old Sac by the Music Festival and Jubilee.

Summertime in Sacramento gets exceptionally warm, so I like to throw on a pair of shorts and leave the socks in the drawer to try and keep cool. Being summer, and being myself, I just had to throw on a lot of color and make sure I stood out. Anytime I put on this multi-colored shirt from Brooks Brothers, I’m guaranteed to turn heads and get compliments. I decided to pair it with a pair of bright pink shorts, and I absolutely love how it turned out.

Here’s a couple pictures taken during the day by some old trains and a worn out brick building.










Here’s a detailed breakdown of what I’m wearing:

Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Shorts: Mossimo

Glasses: Ray Ban

Shoes: GH Bass & Co.

Watch: Threadetiquette

Bracelet: Threadetiquette

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