San Francisco Pride

This past weekend I went to San Francisco for a giants game, and ended up getting involved in a bunch of Pride Weekend festivities. Here’s an overview of my weekend and some of what I wore to different events.

Saturday I spent most of the day shopping. I got some great stuff from Club Monaco, Banana Republic, and Ben Sherman, all of which were having amazing sales, especially Club Monaco. After a long day of shopping I went to The Slanted Door for a delicious dinner. I only have a picture of our oyster appetizers, but the rest of the food was phenomenal.


After dinner, my family, my girlfriend and I went to the Pink Saturday Pride Block Party, which was completely off the hook. This is what I wore for dinner and subsequently to the Pink Pride Block Party, also pictured is my girlfriend, my mom, my brother, and some random chick.




Here’s a breakdown of what I wore for dinner and to the Pink Party, I had just gotten the Blazer that day from Club Monaco:

Shirt: Ben Sherman

Pants: Dockers

Blazer: Club Monaco

Bow Tie: The Tie Bar

Bracelet: Threadetiquette 

Sunday was the morning of the famous Pride Parade. I sadly didn’t go all out with my LBGT pride because I was decked out in Giants gear for a game I was going to later that day. I only stayed around the parade for about two hours because I had to get to the Giants game, but I had an amazing time watching, and I wish I had time to see the whole thing. The crowd and the parade were both so positive and full of energy, it would have been impossible not to have a good time. I heard later that it went for almost 5 HOURS!!! Sunday morning is also when I purchased a completely custom pair of converse with a paisley rainbow print in honor of Pride Weekend. The lady who designed them did an amazing job transforming my idea into a reality.


After the parade was the Giants game.




Here’s what I wore to the game:

Shirt: Wright & Ditson

Pants: Ben Sherman

Shoes: Vans

Glasses: Komono

Hat: American Needle

Since the game ended early, I decided to do a little more shopping. I found an amazing second hand store called Jeremy’s with lots of well priced designer clothing, I didn’t pick up anything from here, however, as I was reaching the end of my funds, and I was saving for one more thing. I did slip a little when I went to the Uniqlo store and picked up a pair of shorts. I was very tempted to buy an OCBD in every color, but I had bought enough shirts this weekend already. My last purchase, the one I had been thinking about all weekend, was a new watch, and this time around, it would be a nice one, at least by my standards. I ended up purchasing a Seiko Core, seen below, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase.


This was my last stop for the night before we grabbed food at the Burger Bar on the 6th floor of Macy’s.


Monday was my last day in San Francisco, and so we made a couple stops before heading home. The first stop was at Fisherman’s wharf, arguably the biggest tourist trap in San Francisco, but still a fun place to visit nevertheless. Next we went down to Fort Point, which was open, luckily. I would recommend everyone visit this beautiful historic site at least once. The last stop was at a lookout point just across the Golden Gate Bridge where I was forced to say goodbye to my favorite city. I’ll be back again in August for Outside Lands.





Here’s what I wore on Monday:

Shirt: Ben Sherman

Shorts: Ben Sherman

Shoes: Custom Converse

Glasses: Komono 

Old Town Summers

Old Town Sacramento is a popular place to go during the summer, from music to festivals to fireworks, there is no shortage of excitement. When the streets fill with people, I love to go down and enjoy the crowd. This time I was drawn to old Sac by the Music Festival and Jubilee.

Summertime in Sacramento gets exceptionally warm, so I like to throw on a pair of shorts and leave the socks in the drawer to try and keep cool. Being summer, and being myself, I just had to throw on a lot of color and make sure I stood out. Anytime I put on this multi-colored shirt from Brooks Brothers, I’m guaranteed to turn heads and get compliments. I decided to pair it with a pair of bright pink shorts, and I absolutely love how it turned out.

Here’s a couple pictures taken during the day by some old trains and a worn out brick building.










Here’s a detailed breakdown of what I’m wearing:

Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Shorts: Mossimo

Glasses: Ray Ban

Shoes: GH Bass & Co.

Watch: Threadetiquette

Bracelet: Threadetiquette

Feeling A Little Casual

These are some more pictures from the Military Base that I finally got around to posting. I don’t have WiFi at my new apartment yet so it’s a little tough, but I’m going to try posting more consistently.

Here you can see I dressed down a bit from the usual. When it gets really hot in the summer I don’t always feel like dressing up, but I still want to look good. In these pictures I’m wearing a simple pair of khaki shorts, and a graphic tee. A lot of #menswear people seem to be against wearing tees, but I say go for it as long as it fits well, and isn’t overly obnoxious. (Just a tip: Working out will help tees look even better, and when you put one on, people will be pleasantly surprised that you have muscles under all those button ups you’ve been told to wear.)












Here’s a detailed breakdown of what I’m wearing:

Shirt: Hume Apparel

Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes: GH Bass & Co.

Watch: Timex

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Abandoned Military Base

Warning: This is my first of blog post of any kind, so I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m going to give this a shot. Please bear with me as I figure this out, and hopefully I can give some you good style advice, inspiration, or at least entertainment as I progress on my journey into the world of a fashion blogger.

Recently I traveled to Marin and decided to shoot some photos at the abandoned military base. It’s a huge base where most buildings are falling apart and are covered in graffiti. There’s one more location on the base that I wanted to get pictures at, but sadly we were kicked off that part of the property by security (luckily not arrested) and we were not able to get any pictures taken before security arrived.








Here’s a detailed breakdown of what I’m wearing:

Glasses: Komono

Shirt: Banana Republic

Tie: Imani Uomo

Jacket: Levi’s

Pants: RSQ

Shoes: Johnston and Murphy

Socks: Stance

Belt: Dockers